When it’s cold outside, winter hats come out to keep our heads and ears warm in the harsh weather. These woolly accessories not only shelter our skin from the elements but are also a classic fit.

The cheetah carhartt beanie is not only classic but of greater quality meaning it will last longer than most others in the market. The cheetah print also makes them more attractive. These bold patterns differentiate them from normal plain ones, making you look more sophisticated and expensive.

Apart from covering the head from cold or saving the day on a bad hair day, beanies offer stylish elements to pimp up your appearance. You must be familiar with all the good and trendy ways to style a beanie but do you know the don’ts? Here are some of them:

Do not Wear a Cheetah Carharrt Beanie with Contrasting Patterns, Designs, or Prints

A huge fashion don’t is to wear different patterns together. Not to be fashion police or anything but this dress combo is a no! Pair a cheetah carharrt beanie, with plain clothes—both top and bottom. It can be worn over a tee shirt and jeans or a plain long-sleeve turtleneck with suit pants. Just not over a different print.

Do Not Wear a Cheetah Carharrt Beanie on Wild Bright Yellow

Although, color blocking is a cool way to style your clothes mixtures, wearing two closely related colors that don’t match looks awful. Yellow and cheater prints just don’t go together. Don’t style a cheetah beanie with bright yellow clothes.

Do Not Leave Your Ears Out When Wring a Cheetah Carhartt Beanie

They are not fishermen hats so it is a fashion taboo to leave your ears out. When wearing cheetah carhatt beanies, leaving your ears out makes them look bigger than they are and gives them a weird shape. If wearing a beanie over your ears are painful, then get one with a loose band or at least made up of an inner lining material that is gentle on the skin.

Do Not Wear Cheetah Carhartt Beanies When You Feel Hot

There is nothing wrong with being all for wearing beanies even in the summertime. They are sexy and vogue and add an air of style to the wearer so you might want to be able to put them in any season but putting them on when you are sweating is not only a fashion don’t but very uncomfortable for you. They also make the thick material absorb some sweat and begin to stink.

Do Not Wear Dirty Cheetah Carharrt Beanies

Since beanies are worn over the head and not on the body like a shirt, people forget or neglect to wash theirs. This is a fashion don’t because sometimes they might be stained or dull-looking. To get the most out of a cheetah carhartt beanie, wear it when it’s clean and you will see the clear difference between wearing it over and over without washing.


A majority of people like to go for plain and simple beanies rather than patterned ones like a cheetah carharrt beanie but these beanies with prints effortlessly make you look more expensive. They are a good buy to just have for the days you feel the need to slay.


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