No matter where you go, it is best to carry with you a car charger for your smartphones. Ugreen’s car charger is a fast and simple way to charge your phone from the car, with a built-in protective case. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your phone won’t overheat – it’s been specially designed to prevent overheating, overloading, and short circuits. With dual USB ports that allow for simultaneous charging of two devices at once, Ugreen’s car charger offers great value for money, as well as brilliant functionality.

The best wireless quality cars phone adapters require no cables, so you can easily use them while you’re on the go. These chargers are easy to install and use, and they work with any device that has a wireless charging receiver.

The best wireless car chargers can be used for multiple devices at once, which is especially useful if there are multiple people in the car who need to charge their phones. They’re also great for situations where it would be unsafe or inconvenient to plug in your phone — like when you’re driving down a windy road or going off-road with your ATV.

How to Use a Wireless Car Charger

Wireless car chargers use Qi technology, which means that they can charge any device that has an included receiver. This includes iPhones, Android phones, and many other devices that support Qi technology.

To use a wireless charger in your vehicle, simply place the device on top of the charger pad and wait for it to begin charging. It may take a few minutes before your phone begins charging at full speed (depending on its battery level), but once it starts charging there should be no interruption until its fully charged.

Benefits of Wireless Charging over Cabled Charging

  1. Speed: Wireless chargers can charge your phone faster than wired chargers because they don’t have to go through extra steps like converting AC current into DC current. All the power goes directly from your car — into your phone, bypassing any conversion steps that’d otherwise slow down the process.
  2. Convenience: Wireless charging makes it easier to use your phone while it charges because you don’t have to worry about cables getting tangled up while you’re using them; just set them down on a pad or stand and let them charge while you’re using them as normal. They also make traveling easier because you don’t have to worry about packing a bunch of different cables and adapters.
  3. Safety – You don’t have to worry about accidentally pulling out the cable when using wired chargers because they’re always plugged into an outlet. However, if you pull out a cord while using a wireless charger, there’s nothing stopping your device from falling off onto the floor or another surface below it.


In the end, wireless car chargers are certainly a better choice than having to plug your smartphone in every time you need to charge it. It cuts out a step, is potentially more convenient, and can be built into existing vehicles, making retrofitting unnecessary. There are some downsides to wireless charging as well. For instance, wireless car chargers may not charge as quickly as their wired counterparts, since they have to transfer electricity over short distances rather than directly from the wall outlet. But all of that aside, increasing the adoption of wireless charging technology could help make road trips a little bit easier. If you haven’t got the hook of wireless car chargers yet, check them out at Ugreen car charger collections.


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